Our School

At Avonvale Education Support Centre we provide a diverse range of students with a diverse range of needs a world class education based on researched models of best practice. In a K - 12 environment we have a responsibility to ensure that our students are equipped as much as they can be to leave school well prepared for their future.


The school was established in 1985 and accommodates students with diagnosed disabilities. Students enrolled in our centre are required to meet specific criteria as set by the Education Department.   Avonvale Education Support Centre is set across two schools. The primary school classes are located on the grounds of the Avonvale Primary School and the Secondary classes are located at Northam SHS. 


AESC provides a warm, welcoming and caring environment for students with special needs and disabilities.  It is a place where dreams are inspired and success is celebrated and this is achieved through the work of our dedicated and experienced staff who work to design a curriculum that is as individual as each of our students are. 


Primary Campus

Our Primary campus has three separate classrooms and caters for junior, middle and upper primary.  Sharing a site with Avonvale Primary School allows our students to benefit from the many shared facilities such as integration activities with their mainstream peers, library, assemblies, special days, and uniforms. 


Secondary Campus

Our Secondary campus has two separate classrooms and caters for lower and upper secondary.  We also share a site with Northam Senior High School and like the primary campus, we are able to share facilities and integrate with mainstream students.